Walk-in Influenza Testing

Influenza A & B testing is available at CDS #10 Pharmacy. No appointment is necessary.

  • What happens when I come in for flu testing?
  • Our pharmacist will perform an evaluation which includes taking blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and pulse. If testing is appropriate, the pharmacist will conduct the test by taking a swab from the nose. Testing for the flu takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • What happens if I test positive for the flu?
  • Under the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy protocol, our pharmacists, working under a physician’s supervision, may dispense appropriate medication.
  • Can you bill the insurance company for the test?
  • We cannot bill the insurance company for the test. The cost of the test is $30. If the test is positive and medication is dispensed, we can bill the insurance for the medicine.
  • Can you give me a work or school excuse?
  • Yes. Please let us know if you need a work or school excuse and we will be glad to provide one for you or your child.

If you have the following conditions, please see your primary care provider for flu testing:

- Pregnant or breastfeeding

- Treatment by nephrologist

- Immunocompromised

- Any condition requiring home oxygen therapy

- If you have been prescribed an antiviral agent or received the live influenza vaccine within the past 2 weeks

- Younger than 19 years old on long-term aspirin therapy